Bio-Samples and Clinical Annotation

CBRS collects biospecimen both prospectively and retrospectively as per the requirement of the research study

Pathology and Specialty Lab Services

Precision for Medicine has a global footprint of CLIA, CAP, GCP specialty labs available to generate robust biomarker data for your research projects. Explore the Precision for Medicine lab services below to learn how we can help with your scientific research and development activities.

Clinical Trial Services and Management

End-to-end CRO services for your biomarker-driven clinical trials.

Omics, Bio-Informatics, Computational Biology

CBRS supports you with all genomics associated state of art technologies like Nucleic acid extraction for your desired samples a per quality and quantity requirement for your research.

About Our Business
Experience in procurement and distribution of biosamples. We maintain an extensive and diverse supply of human tissue and biofluid samples that are offered in various formats to meet the needs of research and development.

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Popular Questions About Clinical Biosamples
and Research Services

Yes, we can collect samples and have them couriered to our facility for processing and shipment on the same day of collection.

Yes, all samples are collected under IRB-approved protocols.

We can prospectively collect patient samples that meet your study requirements. Inclusion and/or exclusion criteria can be specified, such as age, gender, disease stage, treatments, etc.

When required, all donors sign consent forms. Some sample types – such as remnant specimens – must be delinked per federal regulations in order to maintain donor privacy, and thus consenting donors is not possible.

Yes, we can easily collect saliva, urine, swabs, and other non-invasive biologicals. In addition, we can collect sputum, cerebrospinal fluid, bronchial lavage, bone marrow, and other specialty biofluids. We have recently expanded our portfolio to include the premier collection of ASTERAND® disease state tissues. With the largest clinical collection network in the industry, we can deliver clinical specimens to meet your research needs.

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