Omics, Bio-Informatics, Computational Biology

Omics, Bio-Informatics, Computational Biology

CBRS supports you with all genomics associated state of art technologies like Nucleic acid extraction for your desired samples a per quality and quantity requirement for your research


CBRS offers complete service packages based on innovative Next Generation Sequencing based projects. We support you from the project design through experiment design to final analysis report and interpretation of your findings. These technologies enable the sequencing of complete genomes, metagenomes or transcriptomes within less than a month time, at a fraction of the costs of conventional sequencing technologies.


CBRS is capable of performing basic proteomic supports like SDS PAGE analysis- Reductive and nonreductive, Native PAGE, Zymogram for your desired protein, Glycoprotein staining, Purification of desired protein by methods like salt precipitation, Dialysis, alcohol precipitation, Ultrafiltration methods, Gel filtration chromatography etc. We have access to GC, LC-MS-MS, HPLC and LC. We can support you in designing your experiments, execute it and interpret for a quality research. Proteomics is a large-scale comprehensive study of a specific proteome, including information on protein abundances, the variations and modifications, as well as their interacting partners and networks. In discovery proteomics, proteome analysis can be performed.


Metabolomics is the study of metabolism, specifically the science of identifying and quantifying the biochemical byproducts of metabolism, called cellular metabolites. This is achieved by using analytical technologies such as NMR and mass spectrometry combined with sophisticated statistical methods to interpret the generated data. Compared with genomics, transcriptomics and proteomics, metabolomics provide a direct and global snapshot of all the metabolites, and tell the researchers what have happened, making it more and more popular in disease research, toxicology, environmental analysis, agriculture, biofuel development and nutrition. CBRS can help you in designing your experiments, executing it and interpreting it.